Amelia Island Property Management

At Unique Realty, we are also happy to offer property management services for rental or non-rental properties to care for your vacation home while you are chained to your desk!

We inspect your property monthly, including:

  • Monitoring Appliances
  • Air/Heating Units and Filters
  • Checking Door and Window Security
  • Flush Toilets, inspect for Tank/Flow Problems
  • Check TV/Cable and Telephone Service
  • Cycle Dishwasher
  • Flush and Run Garbage Disposal
  • Cycle Washing Machine
  • Inspect Property for Leaks
  • Inspection after Severe Weather Conditions
  • Coordinate Housekeeping with Contracted Personnel
  • Coordinate necessary repair bidding with Local Reputable Contractors and negotiate Cost Effective Bidding (Subject to Owner Approval)
  • Coordinate Monthly Pest Control
  • Coordinate/Conduct Arrival and Departure Inspections
  • Watering of Indoor & Outdoor Plants
  • Assist Owners or Guests in any way possible to ensure a pleasurable stay on beautiful Amelia Island

Please contact us for details and pricing of property management services.

Billing statements will be mailed each month and will include a regular checklist and inspection comments. We will notify you of any need for work or repairs.